East West Energy Projects

The Executive and Technical Team are actively assessing large scale production and development assets within the Mid-Con Region of the USA and Western Canada.

The initial projects identified are existing production and development projects within the Mid-Continent Oil Province, which is a broad area containing hundreds of oil fields in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The area, which consists of various geological strata and diverse trap types, was discovered during the first half of the Twentieth Century.
The first commercially successful oil well was drilled in the Mid-Continent region was the Norman No.1 well near Neodesha, Kansas. The successes that followed by the Nellie Johnstone No.1 (Bartlesville, Oklahoma), Spindle-top (Texas) and the Ida Glen No1 (Glen Pool, Oklahoma) wells, demonstrated the existence of a large oil field in the central and southwestern US. The field became known as the Mid-Continent Oil Field.
Continued drilling within the Mid-Continent area discovered many more commercial oil and gas fields. Historically the area has produced more oil than any other area in the US, and until the discovery of oil in the Middle East, was the largest known oil reserve in the world.
The key criteria we use to identify projects (and highlights of the projects we have identified) are:
  • Take advantage of current distressed assets in known locations;
  • Low per barrel operating costs;
  • High netback – profitable to much lower prices;
  • High percentage of oil cut – light sweet crude targeted;
  • Close to existing infrastructure and sales points.

Low Risk:
  • Prolific oil and gas production regions – to find oil go to where oil has been found before;
  • Access to oil and gas infrastructure and services;
  • Recent drilling to have encountered oil – either through production, on testing, or significant shows;
  • Recent 3D seismic over significant portion of acreage;
  • Historic well control.

Low Cost:?
  • Tie-in to existing infrastructure;
  • Utilise existing salt-water disposal (‘SWD’) wells.

Large Acreage Positions:
  • To take advantage of the long-term recovery in the oil price we must have a mix of existing cash-flow from production combined with development and exploration upside potential to fully capture the value of any recovery;
  • Targeting over 100,000 acres of HBP and leased land;
  • Ensures we have potential not only as a significant cash-flow producer but also a very attractive acquisition target.

Reservoir Targets:
  • Identified projects with mutiple reservoir targets;
  • Provides for achieving maximum upside as producer, developer or acquisition target.

Existing Production and Infrastructure:
  • Projects with existing production;
  • Projects with shut-in wells to potentially allow for quick and inexpensive re-entries for immediate production increase;
  • Projects with existing infrastructure to utilise any spare production capacity to efficently increase production.

Forward Development Plans:
  • Over each of the projects our technical team have produced a forward development plan;
  • Initiated an integrated subsurface interpretation of 3D seismic and well data;
  • Undertaken reserves and resources assessment;
  • Formed a strategy for developing a production enhancement work-over strategy on existing vertical and horizontal wells;
  • Identified and ranked the highest potential and lowest risk prospect locations with vertical wells;
  • Identified best completion techniques to maximise well productivity;
  • Optimised initial well pad locations with existing infrastructure.


Project information confidential subject to Regulatory and Shareholder approval